Sunday, September 23, 2007

When Society abuses and neglects children...what can you do?

Between 2006 and 2017, the share of the budget pie

that the federal government will invest in children

is projected to decline by 14 to 29 percent

Two out of three is okay...if you aren't the one left out.
Can't help wondering...what you're wondering about when you see or hear of a sick child, held in the arms of a tired parent, waiting for hours and hours in an over-crowded emergency room, to see an overworked, exhausted medical person, who may or may not be qualified to diagnose or treat whatever the child may be suffering with?

Are you willing to let their numbers increase so that whereas three children are now covered, only two will be, if we do nothing? And what if due to circumstances beyond your control, that child is yours? Won't we all benefit if every child has access to medical care?

It's not too late to be a voice for all children to have access to medical care.

Families USA: The Voice for Health Care Consumers, offers suggestions for "what you can do to make sure all children get helath insurance:
1. Send an e-mail to Congress
2. Send a letter to your editor
3. Call 1-800-828-0498
4. Tell your family, co-workers, and friends to do the same"

Families USA: The Voice for Health Care Consumers even tell you: "what you should say:

  • Support full funding of CHIP, as promised in the budget.

  • CHIP must ensure that all eligible kids get the health care they deserve and don't fall through the cracks into the ranks of the uninsured.

  • EVERY child in America deserves health care!

  • Thank you for supporting full funding of CHIP for America's kids"

And Families USA: The Voice for Health Care Consumers provides the following links to make it easy to learn about SCHIP and why your voice is needed:

SCHIP 101: What Is the State Children's Health Insurance Program, and How Does It Work? explains the basics about SCHIP, including who qualifies for SCHIP, how SCHIP is financed, and whether eligible are children getting enrolled. (November 2006, updated June 2007)
SCHIP and Children's Health Coverage: Fitting the Pieces Together examines where children, including low-income children, get their health coverage, as well as how SCHIP and Medicaid have reduced the number of uninsured children. (November 2006, updated June 2007)
SCHIP and Children's Health Coverage: Leveling the Playing Field for Minority Children looks at the crucial role Medicaid and SCHIP play in covering children of color. (December 2006, updated June 2007)

A child is waiting.

Take aware,

Nancy Lee

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