Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spanking: Facts and Fiction

If we are ever to turn toward a kindlier society
and a safer world,
a revulsion against the physical punishment of children
would be a good place to start.
Dr. Benjamin Spock

Can't help wondering...what you're wondering about when it comes to spanking? Yesterday I found a site where many regular people discuss spanking , pros and cons, from personal views. My guess is we won't ever stop spanking until we understand more about why some people spank. Why some stop. Why some never have and never will. Sites like this one give insights never reached through formal research.

According to The Center for Effective Discipline :
In 2005, there were l49,319 confirmed cases of physical abuse of children,
almost all of them beginning as "discipline". Child abuse prevention experts
estimate that actual cases of physical abuse may be 20-50 times higher than
confirmed reports. See a state-by-state chart of physical abuse numbers for more information.

Here is another discussion on punishment methods for children.

Take care...be aware,
Nancy Lee

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Damara Lee said...

Spanking promotes violence. When my children where in diapers instead of smacking plump baby legs to get them to lay still I would sing the Alphabet Song. As a Child Care Provider when I begin watching new infants and toddlers I inform the parents that there are simple alternatives to that diaper changing smack. Violence at the tender age of 4, 5, 6 months as an infant is learning to be mobile is just wrong. There are alternatives.