Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Can Child Abuse be Prevented? What Individuals and Communities Can Do

The prevention of child maltreatment

can often be achieved

through the simple, singular acts of

concerned individuals

and the support of caring communities.
American Humane

Can't help wondering...what you're wondering about when you witness violence against children?

Do you do anything? Or just wish you had?

Do you feel like it's "family business" so you should mind your own business?

Do you wish you could do something, anything, but you don't want to do or say the wrong thing for fear of making the situation worse?

American Humane offers the following tips:
  • If you decide to respond to public mistreatment of a child, try to be helpful and supportive, not judgemental and critical.

  • You can do so in a number of ways: looking at the adult in a neutral
    way might be just enough to make them realize
    they are getting out of control;

  • striking up a conversation with the adult may divert their
    attention from the child;

  • or complimenting the child (e.g., he/she has the prettiest eyes/hair) may divert the parent’s anger.

  • Individuals can also take the time to get involved
    in their neighborhood or in their place of worship.

  • They can introduce themselves to neighbors and
    parents so that they can become a source of
    support to them when needed.

  • Spend time coaching, tutoring, mentoring, or
    just playing with a child.

  • Help a family exhibiting signs of stress before
    problems escalate into abuse and neglect, for
    example, make a meal or invite the family over.

  • Offer to baby-sit the children of a single,
    working parent.

  • Encourage and show patience to difficult
    children. Include them in activities with your

  • Volunteer at a child-serving agency.

Have you found other actions you will share that help make a difference for a child...without resorting to calling the authorities...prematurely?

Take care...be aware,
Nancy Lee

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