Monday, September 24, 2007

Catching up. Catching Child Abuse

...we move into a context
of expectations and precedents of past and future,
and the present, whenever we manage to catch it and realize it,
is a shifting, elusive question mark,
not altogether comfortable,
an oddness that the scheme of our lives
does not allow us to indulge.
Alastair Reid,
Scottish Poet

Can't help wondering...
what you're wondering about today?
I'm wondering about being my age...64 fast approaching 65...
and trying to catch on, catch up, catch anything
(hopefully no viruses or other nasty stuff) in this new me...of Blogs?
I wonder about stumbling or falling so deeply into some black hole beneath the net that I end up locked away for my own protection...or that of others.

What are the rules in this world, I wonder? The laws? Copyright laws are nightmares even in the relatively simple real world. How does one ever figure them out here?

Rather belatedly I realize that picture of myself now plastered more places than I may ever locate again probably is copyrighted! Will some secret police come knocking when I least expect it because I missed one somewhere?

I take a deep breath and committ to being involved with Technorati. I add buttons, and links, and banners, and things I know not of in the hopes that as God protects so many children and drunks there's still some way left to take care of old ladies journeying into strange new places.

More seriously though, I wonder if this is the right direction to invest time and energy in the hopes of making positive changes for children? I wonder which way to go? Am I trying to do too many things on one site? Aren't there more established Blogs already doing something similar? Doing it better? With a lot more knowledge about how to reach the people I'd like to reach...

Which after all is just about anyone with any interest in making positive changes for children, especially those maltreated children waiting in silence for someone to notice, to be aware, to acknowledge their suffering even when...or especially when nothing else seems possible to do for them.

So...for today I take another few steps deeper into this alien world that turns out to be occupied by so many more wonderful, caring people, concerned about child abuse and neglect, than I dared imagine...and I look forward to the day when others who seek it, find this site as I am finding theirs.

While any child is waiting in silence, every voice is needed, every butterfly makes a difference, every swing might be the one that makes a home run.
Take aware,
Nancy Lee

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