Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wise Words From The Thinking Mother: Give Them What They Want. Period.

The Thinking Mother: Give Them What They Want. Period.: "Give Them What They Want. Period. "

I think that is a pretty big job,
to try to instantly convert a person to that other mindset
over the course of a couple minutes
by simply listening to a person’s own testimony and opinion.
What I am saying is that whatever the person is saying
will probably fall on deaf ears or be wasted breath.
The Thinking Mother
I'm wondering about what Christine said so well! I wish I had a dollar for every time I've made that mistake or witnessed others doing so. People can be educated... ideas implanted to be later developed...but generally speaking timing is everything. And the right time is not likely to be anytime that other person is seeking information or pushing his or her own agenda.
Last night...well 2-4 AM this morning actually, I watched a House Commerce Committee Hearing on HipHop's impact on our culture, on C-Span 2. There were so many times when what the Thinking Mother refers to happened!
I also see and hear many such examples every morning when C-Span's Washington Journal is on. For those not familiar... WJ is a call-in show, but the host or hostess offers no personal opinions or answers to callers questions. Callers express their opinions without sarcastic responses from the host so some people probably wouldn't enjoy the format, but I do. I like that the guests on the show interact directly with the callers.
Yes. I am a C-Span junkie. I'd rather watch the real thing and form my own opinions, than be fed someone else's opinion, even when I highly respect that person. That's just the way I am... My only complaint with C-Span is the dearth of shows on children's issues, but in fairness, C-Span reflects what's happening in Congress and other political news. Politicians don't get votes on children's issues so....
Apparently, children, family values, health, and education simply aren't "sexy" enough to draw the attention that other issues do on a regular basis...unless, of course, they "bleed, then they lead." Even the hearing on HipHop lost most of its audience when the entertainers finished their presentations.

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