Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Everything in the Known Universe About Child Abuse

We betray children every time we act as if there is one way to do things,

one way of feeling, one religion, one road to enlightenment.

Experience, if we have learned anything at all,

should have taught us otherwise.

Marcia Brown, The Lotus Seeds

Can't help wondering...what you're wondering about?Is she? or isn't she? Abused? Neglected? In this moment does it matter to her? Should it matter to us? She seems blissfully innocent and totally immersed in something greater than herself. Who are we to judge what's best for her?

Maybe she just has a "Slacker Mom," who thinks spending time with her child, patiently watching for a butterfly to leave its cocoon, and then experience interaction with a butterfly is far more important than de-tangling hair today? Here's a quiz to find out if you are a Slacker Mom . It comes from Chatterbean by way of a site, Technocrati, that claims to have everything in the known universe about child abuse. Not for me to judge that claim! But the site is varied and offers much to fuel discussion.

Take aware, Nancy Lee

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