Monday, September 10, 2007

Child Protective Services

It is the theory
that decides what we can observe.
-Albert Einstein

Can't help wondering...why so many well meaning and caring people who are part of the "system" that deals with child welfare act possessively of their positions as though some unknown enemy is trying to "get them?" Is that some form of group paranoia? The result of inordinate involvements in litigation? Trust issues from their own childhood experiences? Maybe it comes with saturation in a field that is difficult for anyone to be aware of let alone be involved with on a daily basis? Maybe though it is all the result of their training and therefore the theory upon which it is founded that makes them see the way they seem to?

Yesterday I spent a lot of time at a site you might want to visit...because it provides an in depth look at different sides of an issue and the people involved in a child welfare case that ended with the death of a precious child. Remarkable insights into how various people think and feel about the "system." Kelsey's Purpose includes the story of Kelsey and how her family continues to use her death as a catalyst for change so hopefully some day we'll have a system to protect other children before its too late.

For another perspective you might want to watch a PBS Frontline video entitled Failure to Protect: When should a parent lose the right to raise a child? This video and another related one, provide views from various participants in the child welfrare system.

Lots of perspectives and information also available through Alt Support Child Protective Services, including "Help for families involved with CPS."

Take aware,
Nancy Lee

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