Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shonya at Kelsey's Purpose Forum...a place that hears

The only problem is

parents and families didn't show up.

I'm wondering about what it takes to get more people involved in making this a safer world for children. Certainly there are individuals, groups, corporations, legislators, etc. attempting to provide information, training, educational seminars on a regular basis.

Recently I attended a community seminar offered locally by the Community Educator from the Women's Help Center. It was heavily advertised for weeks in advance in the local newspaper. Was free. Didn't require pre-registration. Offered refreshments. Was presented at a convenient location mid-afternoon on a Saturday. No bad weather that day. No big community event to occupy people. Not even any high interest sports events! So...who attended? No friends or families. Five people...all professionally involved in Child Welfare fields, but none from CPS or CASA or other similar groups.

This week's news from around the country included an account of a similar community seminar.

"The main point of the seminar was education -- making sure the
community knows what help is out there to aid them in preventing child abuse in the valley. What the community doesn't know can hurt them..

The article says no parents or families came. It didn't say how
many professionals attended.

Shonya posted clear descriptions of Florida's definition of child abuse and neglect, and symptoms, today at Kelsey's Purpose. Assuming you are one of those who does want to learn... and why else would you be here?... and in learning be prepared to make a difference whenever circumstances arise to share, it's well worth reading.

Take aware,

Nancy Lee

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