Sunday, October 28, 2007

Put your teeth in this one!!! And Howl About It...

recently complained to Congress
about the agency's lack of resources,
and confirmed that
the commission only has one person who tests toys.

CBS News Story

Wondering if you're wondering if today's post is about children biting someone, or someone biting children? Could be, but it isn't exactly like that.

This is about another kind of child abuse and neglect in the news today...although it isn't easy to find out about it. The cynic in me wonders if that has anything to do with protecting businesses' profits over children's health and safety?
I mean after all Halloween will be over in a couple of days so why ruin it for the kids by scaring them and their parents about something that might turn out to be not true? Right? I hope not.

Here's the link to the story from CBS News:
Urgent Call for Recall of Halloween Toys: Professor Tips Off Feds to What He Says are High Lead Levels in Them.

The "toy in focus is called ugly teeth. Besides being ugly, the fake plastic teeth have what the researchers say is 100 times allowable levels of lead in the paint on them." Repeat that slowly... "100 times the allowable level of lead in the paint on them. "

Now remember we are talking about fake teeth know those things kids put in their mouths and chew on... so, as the story points out, although, "They say they also found high lead levels in some Halloween baskets...they say the plastic teeth are of greatest concern, because lead enters the system fastest when ingested."

That means...chewed on and swallowed, right? Something the littlest, and most vulnerable are likely to do, right? So why isn't this news everywhere warning parents? Well, because "It usually takes the CPSC a few days to run its own tests or investigate complaints..." and Halloween will be over then.

But, apparently ever the optimist, "considering how the toys Weidenhammer is worried about could be in the hands and mouths of children Wednesday, Weidenhammer hopes his latest heads-ups become the CPSC's top priority. "

We can only hope, I suppose? How sad is that? Oh, and by the way, all the dangerous baskets and other Halloween toys weren't recalled... and even if they had been that doesn't stop anyone from selling them somewhere without mentioning the "recall."

A Child is Waiting.
Take Care…Be Aware,
Nancy Lee

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