Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blame the Child...Blame the Parents...but Don't Blame Me!

In America, it's OK to kill a child
so long as you have been hired to
practice "tough love"--
that's the message from today's verdict
in the boot camp death of
14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson.
Maia Szalavitz

Can't help wondering...
what you're wondering about as you read or hear about the verdict in this Florida case?

Do you wonder, as I do, "what are you thinking, jury?" How can it be okay in any way that a child is dead because people thought he was "faking it" to avoid exercizing. Since when is a 30 minute group beating by men against a child "fair discipline."

I suppose a state that still allows corporal punishment in schools even after a child died there a few years ago as a result of a "paddling" by the principal has a different perspective on life and death.

The child in this picture is 14 now...the same age as Martin Lee Anderson when he died. If the child hurt the cat...or the cat hurt the child...who was to blame? The cat? The child? The parent?Or the person holding the camera? If this child now stole her grandmother's car would that justify... the question deserves no answer. Nothing would justify abuse of her at any age.

Once Martin Lee Anderson, too, was this precious baby's age. He didn't deserve abuse either. Now he is dead, because among other people there that day was a nurse, who watched the entire beating...and did nothing to stop what was happening...

How ironic that the "anniversary" of Terry Schaivo's death is upon us. How many of the people involved in this sickening situation are the same ones carrying on about "right to life issues without regard to all of the lives involved?" How many are the same ones defending Abu Garaib and the punishment of only a "few bad apples" rather than all who were involved? What is happening to us in this country?

There seem to be a majority of opinions being expressed on blogs yesterday and today that do not agree with this decision as in any way not agree that its okay to kick children to not try to justify this result in any way. Thank God for them.

What sickens me are the other ones...the ones who jump right up and blame the child! Or blame the parents! Blame anything and everything beside the people who did this, or the system that creates an environment where it is considered acceptable to abuse and neglect children?

Most of the negaqtive opinions I've read so far have one other thing in common...they haven't read the GAO report on these "boot camps," didn't watch the congressional hearing on them, or C-Span's show this morning. They don't know the specifics of the case. I suspect they never will. Why ruin a chance to spout off personal opinions against "others" by determining the facts before running off at the mouth?

They too need to take aware.
Nancy Lee

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