Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Boo! To Consumer Product Safety Commision Chair

...over the summer,
more than 20 million toys
manufactured in China
were recalled in the United States
because of lead paint and other hazards,
despite the fact that
lead paint was banned on toys 30 years ago.
Jean Halloran, a director at Consumers Union

Can't help wondering...what you're wondering about this Halloween?

I'm still wondering about the lead in children's toys and the nonsense going on around the entire issue of product safety in this country.

Wasn't too long ago when all we had to worry about was rotten spots in the apples dropped into out pillow cases...or later, razor blades (if you believed the myths) in the trick or treat bags.

But now...even the costumes...the buckets used to collect candy...and the false teeth meant to scare the other guy threaten the kids and scare the parents.
Amazing isn't it that one man of the 400 (no typo...only 400!) people who work for the Consumer Product Safety Commission...and only one! responsible for toy safety testing, and his specialty is small parts! Watching the video as he drops toys to see how they break apart is almost surreal. You gotta see it to believe it...
Because this country is business, and not consumer, oriented products here have always needed to be purchased with a heavy dose of "caveat emptor."
Let the buyer beware...even if the product you're buying is intended for the vulnerable among us...children! So who is abusing and neglecting children in this case? Companies no doubt will point the finger at the parents...their job after all is to protect the children. Let them buy a lead testing kit...oh yeah, but caveat emptor! The kits don't really do what they purport to do...

So here's my Halloween Boo!!! US Congress pretends to scare Corporations and Businesses that import unsafe products that frighten consumers and threaten children. Consumer Product Safety Commission howls that increased fines and whistleblower rewards are tricks not treats. Nancy Nord complains that the legislation Congress is pushing isn't good for her organization... Nancy Pelosi says she should quit...
And this Nancy wishes my name was Bob or something...

A Child is Waiting.
Take care…be aware,
Nancy Lee

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