Thursday, October 23, 2008

Child Abuse Undetected...

It is no Wonder
That Happiness is the exception...
Can't help wondering...
what you're wondering about?
You know what I'm wondering about...
why child abuse...ever?
And you can probably guess what I'm not wondering about...
I'm not wondering why happiness is the exception for all ages.
How can there be any happiness in a world where the most fragile, the most vulnerable, the least able to defend and protect life are so often left with nothing and no one but themselves to survive and sustain life in the presence of danger?
The answer is obvious to any willing to look...willing to see.
Each moment of every day we make choices. These choices put in motion the patterns for the future. We all become victims of unwise choices. But, unlike the vulnerable among us, who can only listen, we are not LIMITED to choices dictated by others, or by our past choices.
Our choices are ours.
Our choices are many.
We can choose to make changes.
We can decide to do differently.
We can do better today than we did in all our yesterdays.
So...choose creative actions...
Do anything positive in the presence of creative actions...
And you choose for life, love and happiness.
Choose destructive actions...
Do nothing in the presence of destructive actions...
And you choose for death, hate and destruction.
Simple? Yes. It is that simple.
Easy? No. Not always.
. is your choice every time.
So...what will you choose today?
or theft?
or death?
or hate?
or destruction?
Thank you for choosing wisely... your life is not the only one that depends on it.
A Child is Waiting,
Take aware,
Nancy Lee
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