Thursday, August 30, 2007

Failure to Protect

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke

Today I'm wondering about how we react when a news account focuses on the death of a child resulting from abuse or neglect.

Maybe you are one of those of us who cringe when we notice the daily news includes horrific cases involving Child Abuse and Neglect? Maybe you, too, turn away from such news before your feelings actively engage? Maybe the helpless, hopeless kind of pain you would otherwise feel is just too much bear?

Maybe you think, "Why should I pay attention? There's nothing I can do about it anyway?" Maybe you say, "I can't imagine that anyone could do such horrible things?"And thank whatever god's may be that no one you know ever could?" Maybe you comfort yourself with the thought, "The professionals are doing something to make a difference for the children who remain at risk?"

Well, whether we notice or not, such news occurs every day somewhere in the US. At least 5 children die each day as a result of primary caretakers' actions. Most of the children are under 5 years of age, too young to ask for help, or speak out about their experiences. The majority of these under five are actually less than one year old...too young to stand up, let alone stand up for themselves.

So what can you do? First remember what Dr. Phil says... you can't change what you don't first acknowledge! Then acknowledge that children really do die as a result of abuse and neglect. Next acknowledge that all the professionals' efforts aren't enough to save these children. And finally take a deep breath and acknowledge that the pain you feel even noticing news about child abuse is nothing compared to the pain real children are living and dying with every day.

Remember the "Hundred Monkeys? Remember the "Butterfly in Brazil?" Remember "Where ever two or more meet..." ?

Visit here to add your thoughts, share your experiences, vent your anger, feel your pain and pass along ideas for others to build on. Only thing required to be a part of this community is a willingness to show up!

Now, let's take that first baby-step. We can do it. Let's notice, really notice, what's in the news about children. Let's notice what's happening on the streets where we live, in the stores where we shop... anywhere children wait for someone to notice they aren't invisible.

Here are a few children in the news recently...

Cary Man Charged In Infant Son's Death [7 months old]

Man Charged In Infant Daughter's Death [10 months old]

Fort Wayne Man Charged in Infant's Death [3 weeks old]

An 11 month old baby dead is after a beating by a 9 year old boy at a day care center.

Father & girlfriend on trial for murder of his 3 year old son, who was allegedly beaten to death with a hammer.

Man beats six months pregnant girlfriend to death with baseball bat; beats and shoots her 4 year old son to death.

Woman charged with murder of two year old son by covering his head with a comforter until he stopped crying.

Take Care...Be Aware

Nancy Lee

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